This is SaltChurch 101

Authentic Relationships- At Salt Church we want to experience freedom in our relationships between each other and with God.


Impactful Community-  At Salt Church we want the communities we live and work in to be made better because of our involvements in them.


Engaging Worship- At Salt Church we want every one to participate in all aspects of worship whether that is through music, praying, tithing or serving.


Missions Driven- At Salt Church we want to partner with God in reaching the world.


Locally Rooted- At Salt Church we want to represent and reflect our communities


Clarity and Depth- At Salt Church we want to remove as many barriers as possible between God and his creation. Our goal is the be both clear and deep when it comes to all aspects of ministry.


Multi-generational- At Salt we believe that there is great value in the body of Christ. We want to harness the the maturity and wisdom of the elders along with the energy and fearlessness of the young. We are one church.