Rob Boyd: Lead Pastor

A Boca Raton Native who fell in love with his community. He enjoys life out on the water fishing and boating with his wife Lisa and three kids Bobby, Liam, and Katrina. Pastor Rob's vision for Salt Church is to be a authentic mission minded people that expresses love for Jesus on a local and global scale.

Favorite Quote: "Every man dies but not every man lives" -William Wallace

Favorite Salt church moment: "On our fishing connect group we caught a octopus and as we let it go we all remember it tipping its hat to us and jumping off the pier! you had to be there..."




Lisa boyd: youth pastor

Lisa grew up in Boca Raton and even from a young age she knew that being in ministry and helping others was a part of who she was. She met Pastor Rob in youth group and they quickly fell in love. Her love for arts and crafts, baking and making homemade soaps made her the perfect person to lead the women of Salt Church into a stronger and more biblically based view on balancing Church life and home life. Connecting all students to fearless youth she reaches students at a deeper level, training them with a mission minded way to reaching their school and home. She also currently serves as our Sectional women's Representative for the Assemblies of God.

favorite movie: Princess bride

Favorite salt church moment: "Christmas was amazing we had 5 tons of real snow shipped in and the entire church had a blast throwing snowballs at each other."